YybP-ykoY motif

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This riboswitch controls the expression of the yybP and the ykoY genes. Gene expression is induced upon binding of Mn2+ to the riboswitch.


Ian R Price, Ahmed Gaballa, Fang Ding, John D Helmann, Ailong Ke
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Mol Cell: 2015, 57(6);1110-1123
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Michael Dambach, Melissa Sandoval, Taylor B Updegrove, Vivek Anantharaman, L Aravind, Lauren S Waters, Gisela Storz
The ubiquitous yybP-ykoY riboswitch is a manganese-responsive regulatory element.
Mol Cell: 2015, 57(6);1099-1109
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Jeffrey E Barrick, Keith A Corbino, Wade C Winkler, Ali Nahvi, Maumita Mandal, Jennifer Collins, Mark Lee, Adam Roth, Narasimhan Sudarsan, Inbal Jona, J Kenneth Wickiser, Ronald R Breaker
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