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mreB [Fri Jul 15 2016 13:08:24 GMT+0200 (CEST)]
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mreB [Fri Jul 15 2016 13:08:24 GMT+0200 (CEST)]

cell shape-determining protein, forms filaments, the polymers control/restrict the mobility of the cell wall elongation enzyme complex, required for LytE activity
35.00 kDa
cell shape determination
cell shape-determining protein

Genomic Context



  • [category|SW 1|Cellular processes] → [category|SW 1.1|Cell envelope and cell division] → [category|SW 1.1.2|Cell shape]
  • [category|SW 1|Cellular processes] → [category|SW 1.1|Cell envelope and cell division] → [category|SW 1.1.7|Membrane dynamics]
  • [category|SW 4|Lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.3|Coping with stress] → [category|SW 4.3.2|Cell envelope stress proteins (controlled by SigM, V, W, X, Y)]
  • [category|SW 6|Groups of genes] → [category|SW 6.1|Essential genes]
  • [category|SW 6|Groups of genes] → [category|SW 6.2|Membrane proteins]
  • [SW|Categories] containing this gene/protein

  • [SW|cell shape], [SW|membrane dynamics], [SW|cell envelope stress proteins (controlled by SigM, V, W, X, Y)], [SW|essential genes], [SW|membrane proteins]
  • This gene is a member of the following [SW|regulons]

  • [SW|SigM regulon], [SW|ComK regulon]
  • Gene

    Coordinates on the chromosome (coding sequence)
    2,860,735 -> 2,861,748

    Phenotypes of a mutant

  • essential [Pubmed|12682299]
  • the mutation can be suppressed by inactivation of ''[protein|search|ponA]'', ''[protein|search|ptsI]'', ''[protein|search|ccpA]'' [Pubmed|19192185], by overexpression of [protein|search|YvcK] [Pubmed|21320184], or by addition of 5 mM magnesium to the growth medium [Pubmed|15752190]
  • The protein

    Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity

  • forms straight filaments in a heterologous system [Pubmed|21091501]
  • polymerizes in the presence of millimolar divalent cations, binds and hydrolyzes GTP and ATP [Pubmed|19117023]
  • involved in the organization of ϕ29 DNA replication machinery in peripheral helix-like structures [Pubmed|22420858]
  • required for [protein|search|LytE] activity [Pubmed|23869552]
  • Protein family

  • ftsA/mreB family (according to Swiss-Prot)
  • Paralogous protein(s)

  • [protein|search|Mbl], [SW|MreBH]
  • Structure

  • [PDB|1JCF] (from ''Thermotoga maritima'', 57% identity) [Pubmed|11544518]
  • [SW|Localization]

  • during logarithmic growth, [protein|search|MreB] forms discrete patches that move processively along peripheral tracks perpendicular to the cell axis [Pubmed|21636744]
  • forms transverse bands as cells enter the stationary phase [Pubmed|21636744]
  • forms antiparallel double filaments [Pubmed|24843005]
  • close to the inner surface of the cytoplasmic membrane [Pubmed|16950129]
  • reports on helical structures formed by MreB [Pubmed|16950129,20566861] seem to be misinterpretation of data [Pubmed|21636744]
  • normal localization depends on the presence of glucolipids, [protein|search|MreB] forms irregular clusters in an ''[protein|search|ugtP]'' mutant [Pubmed|22362028]
  • during stationary phase: delocalized in the cytoplasm [Pubmed|26091431]
  • during development of [SW|genetic competence]: co-localizes with polar clusters of the late competence protein [SW|ComGA] ([SW|ComGA] sequesters [SW|MreB]) [Pubmed|26091431]
  • [SW|Interactions]

  • part of the [SW|cell wall biosynthetic complex] [Pubmed|21636744,21636745]
  • forms antiparallel double filaments [Pubmed|24843005]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[protein|search|TufA] [Pubmed|20133608]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[protein|search|Mbl] [Pubmed|21636744]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[SW|MreBH] [Pubmed|21636744,17064365]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[protein|search|TagT] [Pubmed|21964069]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[protein|search|TagU] [Pubmed|21964069]
  • [protein|search|RodZ]-[protein|search|MreB] [Pubmed|23879732]
  • [protein|search|DapI]-[protein|search|MreB] [Pubmed|24261876]
  • [protein|search|MreB]-[protein|search|PonA] [Pubmed|19192185]
  • [SW|MreB]-[SW|ComGA] [Pubmed|26091431]
  • Expression and Regulation


  • ''[protein|search|maf]-[protein|search|radC]-[protein|search|mreB]-[protein|search|mreC]-[protein|search|mreD]-[protein|search|minC]-[protein|search|minD]'' [Pubmed|22383849]
  • ''[protein|search|mreB]-[protein|search|mreC]-[protein|search|mreD]-[protein|search|minC]-[protein|search|minD]'' [Pubmed|8459776]
  • [SW|Sigma factor]

  • promoter p1 (upstream of ''[protein|search|maf]''): [SW|SigA] [Pubmed|26091431]
  • promoter p2 (within ''[protein|search|maf]''): [SW|SigM] [Pubmed|18179421]
  • promoter p3 (upstream of ''[protein|search|mreB]''): [SW|SigA] [Pubmed|26091431]
  • Regulation

  • expression is reduced in a [protein|search|SigV] mutant [Pubmed|21926231]
  • expression is increased in an ''[protein|search|ugtP]'' mutant [Pubmed|22362028]
  • promoter p3 (upstream of ''[protein|search|mreB]''): expressed during the development of genetic competence ([SW|ComK]) [Pubmed|26091431]
  • Regulatory mechanism

  • [SW|ComK]: transcription activation [Pubmed|26091431]
  • Biological materials

    two-hybrid system

  • ''B. pertussis'' adenylate cyclase-based bacterial two hybrid system ([SW|BACTH]), available in the labs of [SW|Jeff Errington] and [SW|Boris Görke]
  • Antibody

  • available in the [SW|Jeff Errington] and [SW|Peter Graumann] labs
  • Labs working on this gene/protein

  • [SW|Jeff Errington], Newcastle University, UK [ homepage]
  • [SW|Peter Graumann], Freiburg University, Germany [ homepage]
  • References


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  • Localization

  • 17064365,20566861,21636744,21636745,22069484,23783036,24010660,24843005,25402772,25676310
  • Other original publications

  • 15752190,11290328,12809607,1400224,7836311,16950129,19192185,19117023,19643765,19654094,19659933,8459776,11544518,20133608,21091501,21320184,18179421,21964069,22343529,22362028,22420858,21926231,23879732,23869552,24261876,24603761,26091431,17880425,20233306,27215790