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=Expression and regulation=
=Expression and regulation=
* '''Operon:''' [[yesS]]-[[yesT]]-[[yesU]]-[[yesV]]-[[yesW]]-[[yesX]]-[[yesY]]-[[yesZ]]
* '''Operon:''' ''[[yesS]]-[[yesT]]-[[yesU]]-[[yesV]]-[[yesW]]-[[yesX]]-[[yesY]]-[[yesZ]]'' {{PubMed|19651770}}
* '''[[Sigma factor]]:'''  
* '''[[Sigma factor]]:'''  
* '''Regulation:''' induced by pectin ([[YesS]]) {{PubMed|19651770}}
* '''Regulation:'''  
** induced by pectin ([[YesS]]) {{PubMed|19651770}}
* '''Regulatory mechanism:''' [[YesS]]: transcriptional activation {{PubMed|19651770}}
* '''Regulatory mechanism:'''  
** [[YesS]]: transcriptional activation {{PubMed|19651770}}
* '''Additional information:'''  
* '''Additional information:'''  
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<pubmed> 19651770 </pubmed>
<pubmed> 19651770 17449691 </pubmed>
[[Category:Protein-coding genes]]
[[Category:Protein-coding genes]]

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  • Description: unknown

Gene name yesU
Essential no
Product unknown
Function unknown
MW, pI 25 kDa, 7.711
Gene length, protein length 660 bp, 220 aa
Immediate neighbours yesT, yesV
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(Barbe et al., 2009)
Genetic context
YesU context.gif
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The gene

Basic information

  • Locus tag: BSU07030

Phenotypes of a mutant

Database entries

  • DBTBS entry: no entry
  • SubtiList entry: [1]

Additional information

The protein

Basic information/ Evolution

  • Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity:
  • Protein family:
  • Paralogous protein(s):

Extended information on the protein

  • Kinetic information:
  • Domains:
  • Modification:
  • Cofactor(s):
  • Effectors of protein activity:
  • Interactions:
  • Localization:

Database entries

  • KEGG entry: [2]
  • E.C. number:

Additional information

Expression and regulation

  • Regulatory mechanism:
  • Additional information:

Biological materials

  • Mutant:
  • Expression vector:
  • lacZ fusion:
  • GFP fusion:
  • two-hybrid system:
  • Antibody:

Labs working on this gene/protein

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Sandrine Poncet, Maryline Soret, Peggy Mervelet, Josef Deutscher, Philippe Noirot
Transcriptional activator YesS is stimulated by histidine-phosphorylated HPr of the Bacillus subtilis phosphotransferase system.
J. Biol. Chem.: 2009, 284(41);28188-97
[PubMed:19651770] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (I p)

Akihito Ochiai, Takafumi Itoh, Akiko Kawamata, Wataru Hashimoto, Kousaku Murata
Plant cell wall degradation by saprophytic Bacillus subtilis strains: gene clusters responsible for rhamnogalacturonan depolymerization.
Appl. Environ. Microbiol.: 2007, 73(12);3803-13
[PubMed:17449691] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (P p)