Universally conserved proteins

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These proteins are present in all genomes sequenced so far, from archaea and bacteria to man. So, one can say, that there is no life on earth without this small set of proteins. The genes encoding these proteins are usually essential.

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Glycolytic enzymes

  • Eno enolase
  • Pgk phosphoglycerate kinase

Ribosomal proteins

RplA, RplB, RplC, RplE, RplF, RplK, RplN, RplR, RplV, RpsB, RpsC, RpsD, RpsE, RpsG, RpsH, RpsJ, RpsM, RpsQ, RpsS

Cellular processes

Nucleotide metabolism

  • Prs phosphoribosyl-PP-synthetase
  • Apt adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
  • TruA pseudouridylate synthase

Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases

ArgS, PheS, GltX

Degradation of glycoproteins

  • Gcp sialo-glycoprotein endopeptidase


FtsZ has long been considered to be universally conserved. However, recently some Mycoplasma species lacking FtsZ have been found.