Transcription factors and their control

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Transcription factors control gene expression by regulating transcription initiation or transcription elongation. Transcription initiation is regulated by DNA-binding proteins, whereas transcription elongation can be controlled by DNA-binding proteins ("transcriptional roadblocks") or RNA-binding proteins (transcription termination/ antitermination).

Transcription factors can be grouped according to their mode of interaction with nucleic acids (DNA-or RNA-binding proteins) and also according to the mechanism by which they perceive the signal.

DNA-binding transcription factors

RNA-binding transcription factors

Transcription factors according to signal perception

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Two-component system response regulators

Control of two-component response regulators

Two-component sensor kinase

Response regulator aspartate phosphatase

Control of response regulators/ other

PRD-type regulators

Control of PRD-type regulators

Transcription factors/ other

Transcription factor/ other/ based on similarity

Control of transcription factor (other than two-component system)

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