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  • Description: transcriptional antiterminator for sacB and sacX-sacY (acts at high sucrose concentrations)

Gene name sacY
Synonyms ipa-13r, sacS
Essential no
Product transcriptional antiterminator
Function regulation of sucrose utilization
Metabolic function and regulation of this protein in SubtiPathways:
Sugar catabolism, Stress
MW, pI 32 kDa, 5.883
Gene length, protein length 840 bp, 280 aa
Immediate neighbours sacX, gspA
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(Barbe et al., 2009)
Genetic context
SacY context.gif
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The gene

Basic information

  • Locus tag: BSU38420

Phenotypes of a mutant

Database entries

  • DBTBS entry: [1]
  • SubtiList entry: [2]

Additional information

The protein

Basic information/ Evolution

  • Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity: binding to the mRNA of sacB and the sacX-sacY operon, causes transcription antitermination (in presence of sucrose)
  • Protein family: transcriptional antiterminator bglG family (according to Swiss-Prot) BglG family of antiterminators

Extended information on the protein

  • Kinetic information:
  • Domains:
  • Modification:
  • Cofactor(s):
  • Effectors of protein activity:
  • Localization:

Database entries

  • Structure: 1AUU (RNA-binding domain)
  • KEGG entry: [3]
  • E.C. number:

Additional information

Expression and regulation

  • Regulation: induction by sucrose (at high concentration)
  • Regulatory mechanism: induction by SacY-dependent RNA switch (transcriptional antitermination)
  • Additional information:

Biological materials

  • Mutant:
  • Expression vector:
  • lacZ fusion:
  • GFP fusion:
  • two-hybrid system:
  • Antibody:

Labs working on this gene/protein

Stephane Aymerich, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, INRA Paris-Grignon, France

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