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(In vitro reconstitution of the replisome)
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==''In vitro'' reconstitution of the replisome==
==''In vitro'' reconstitution of the replisome==
<pubmed> 20122408 </pubmed>
<pubmed> 20122408 35635709 </pubmed>

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The replisome is a protein complex that is required and sufficient for replication of both leading and lagging strands.

PolC-HolA-HolB-DnaX-DnaN-DnaG-DnaC-DnaI-DnaD-SsbA-DnaE-PriA-DnaB PubMed

RecA colocalizes to the replisome in response to endogenous and exogenous DNA damage and in response to damage-independent fork arrest (formation of DNA repair centers), repair center formation depends on RecO and RecR, and is facilitated by RecF and SsbA PubMed

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In vitro reconstitution of the replisome

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Other important publications

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