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(Biological materials)
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=Biological materials =
=Biological materials =
* '''Mutant:'''
* '''Mutant:''' *
** GP1609 (spc), available in the [[Stülke]] lab
** GP1610 (ptkA-ptpZ, spc), available in the [[Stülke]] lab
* '''Expression vector:'''
* '''Expression vector:'''

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Gene name ptpZ
Synonyms ywqE
Essential no
Product phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase,
antagonist to PtkA
Function protein tyrosine dephosphorylation
Gene expression levels in SubtiExpress: ptpZ
Interactions involving this protein in SubtInteract: PtpZ
MW, pI 28 kDa, 6.66
Gene length, protein length 762 bp, 254 aa
Immediate neighbours ugd, ptkA
Sequences Protein DNA DNA_with_flanks
Genetic context
YwqE context.gif
This image was kindly provided by SubtiList
Expression at a glance   PubMed
PtpZ expression.png

Categories containing this gene/protein

biofilm formation, protein modification

This gene is a member of the following regulons

AbrB regulon

The gene

Basic information

  • Locus tag: BSU36240

Phenotypes of a mutant

Database entries

  • DBTBS entry: no entry
  • SubtiList entry: [1]

Additional information

The protein

Basic information/ Evolution

  • Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity: Protein tyrosine phosphate + H2O = protein tyrosine + phosphate (according to Swiss-Prot), dephosphorylation of Ugd, TuaD and PtkA PubMed
  • Protein family: cpsB/capC family (according to Swiss-Prot)
  • Paralogous protein(s):

Extended information on the protein

  • Kinetic information:
  • Domains:
  • Modification:
  • Cofactor(s):
  • Effectors of protein activity:

Database entries

  • KEGG entry: [2]

Additional information

Expression and regulation

  • Regulation:
  • Regulatory mechanism:
  • Additional information:

Biological materials

  • Mutant: *
    • GP1609 (spc), available in the Stülke lab
    • GP1610 (ptkA-ptpZ, spc), available in the Stülke lab
  • Expression vector:
  • lacZ fusion:
  • GFP fusion:
  • two-hybrid system:
  • Antibody:

Labs working on this gene/protein

Your additional remarks


Hyoun Sook Kim, Sang Jae Lee, Hye Jin Yoon, Doo Ri An, Do Jin Kim, Soon-Jong Kim, Se Won Suh
Crystal structures of YwqE from Bacillus subtilis and CpsB from Streptococcus pneumoniae, unique metal-dependent tyrosine phosphatases.
J. Struct. Biol.: 2011, 175(3);442-50
[PubMed:21605684] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (I p)

Onuma Chumsakul, Hiroki Takahashi, Taku Oshima, Takahiro Hishimoto, Shigehiko Kanaya, Naotake Ogasawara, Shu Ishikawa
Genome-wide binding profiles of the Bacillus subtilis transition state regulator AbrB and its homolog Abh reveals their interactive role in transcriptional regulation.
Nucleic Acids Res.: 2011, 39(2);414-28
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Taryn B Kiley, Nicola R Stanley-Wall
Post-translational control of Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation mediated by tyrosine phosphorylation.
Mol. Microbiol.: 2010, 78(4);947-63
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Ivan Mijakovic, Lucia Musumeci, Lutz Tautz, Dina Petranovic, Robert A Edwards, Peter Ruhdal Jensen, Tomas Mustelin, Josef Deutscher, Nunzio Bottini
In vitro characterization of the Bacillus subtilis protein tyrosine phosphatase YwqE.
J. Bacteriol.: 2005, 187(10);3384-90
[PubMed:15866923] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (P p)

Ivan Mijakovic, Sandrine Poncet, Grégory Boël, Alain Mazé, Sylvie Gillet, Emmanuel Jamet, Paulette Decottignies, Christophe Grangeasse, Patricia Doublet, Pierre Le Maréchal, Josef Deutscher
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EMBO J.: 2003, 22(18);4709-18
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