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Welcome to the Playground!

This wiki-page will make you a master in wiki-editing!

Try to complete the tasks bellow and you will see that editing is REALLY easy!

Simple editing

Write some text below and click on the save page to check the result!

Editing with format

"Learning by doing" is the best way to know how to edit with format. This is bold and this is written in italics.

Try it out! Mark the word "dog" with boldface format and the word "fast" in italics:

The silly dog was unable to catch the fast rabbit.

In the next phrase, put two equal signs (==) at the front, and two at the end, save and see what happens!

What has happened with this?

Creating links

To create an internal link, surround the word with two square brackets. For example: pgi

Try it out! Insert a link to the gene page of TpiA here:

Adding images