Membrane dynamics

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Key reviews

Kouji Matsumoto, Hiroshi Hara, Itzhak Fishov, Eugenia Mileykovskaya, Vic Norris
The membrane: transertion as an organizing principle in membrane heterogeneity.
Front Microbiol: 2015, 6;572
[PubMed:26124753] [] [DOI] (P e)

Marc Bramkamp, Daniel Lopez
Exploring the existence of lipid rafts in bacteria.
Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev.: 2015, 79(1);81-100
[PubMed:25652542] [] [DOI] (I p)

Diego de Mendoza
Temperature sensing by membranes.
Annu. Rev. Microbiol.: 2014, 68;101-16
[PubMed:24819366] [] [DOI] (I p)

Imrich Barák, Katarína Muchová
The role of lipid domains in bacterial cell processes.
Int J Mol Sci: 2013, 14(2);4050-65
[PubMed:23429192] [] [DOI] (P e)

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