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Welcome to SubtiWiki! - Bacillus subtilis annotation the "wiki" way!

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Contact: General Microbiology, University of Göttingen, send mail

Upcoming events:

New: Subtiwiki is now on Facebook - please give it a +1!

Now online: A description of SubtiWiki, SubtiPathways, and SubtInteract in the 2012 Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research

Ulrike Mäder, Arne G Schmeisky, Lope A Flórez, Jörg Stülke
SubtiWiki--a comprehensive community resource for the model organism Bacillus subtilis.
Nucleic Acids Res.: 2012, 40(Database issue);D1278-87
[PubMed:22096228] [] [DOI] (I p)

Paper of the month: September 2012

Shinobu Chiba, Koreaki Ito
Multisite ribosomal stalling: a unique mode of regulatory nascent chain action revealed for MifM.
Mol. Cell: 2012, 47(6);863-72
[PubMed:22864117] [] [DOI] (I p)

New procedure for account creation:

  • Due to massive spam attacks, we had to change our policy for the creation of accounts. If you want to create an account, just send me a mail. We will create the account for you as quickly as possible, then you can change your password. This does not affect existing accounts, which remain active.
  • Please remember that all members of the Bacillus community are invited to create accounts and to contribute to SubtiWiki!

News in SubtiWiki:

Genes (examples) Additional pages
spo0A SubtiPathways
glnA Lists of genes, proteins and RNAs
rny Categories
psdA Regulons
pckA methods
dnaA metabolism
rnpA protein-protein interactions
sigB genome-wide analyses
ptkA list of plasmids
mreC labs working on Bacillus
ccpA the people behind SubtiWiki
sr1 template

Publications describing SubtiWiki and SubtiPathways:

Lope A Flórez, Sebastian F Roppel, Arne G Schmeisky, Christoph R Lammers, Jörg Stülke
A community-curated consensual annotation that is continuously updated: the Bacillus subtilis centred wiki SubtiWiki.
Database (Oxford): 2009, 2009;bap012
[PubMed:20157485] [] [DOI] (I p)

Christoph R Lammers, Lope A Flórez, Arne G Schmeisky, Sebastian F Roppel, Ulrike Mäder, Leendert Hamoen, Jörg Stülke
Connecting parts with processes: SubtiWiki and SubtiPathways integrate gene and pathway annotation for Bacillus subtilis.
Microbiology (Reading, Engl.): 2010, 156(Pt 3);849-59
[PubMed:19959575] [] [DOI] (I p)