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Welcome to the Help page of SubtiWiki!

First time?

Is this your first time in SubtiWiki? Would you like to explore additional features? Please visit the SubtiWiki guided tour.

Contributing content

If you wish to edit a page, please take a look at this brief PowerPoint tutorial. It will guide you through the steps of registring to SubtiWiki, modifying gene pages, formatting your input, and adding references.

Wikis use their own formatting system, which can be challenging in the beginning. Wikis need this markup in order to store pages as raw text. Nonetheless, the markup language is easy to learn and in most cases another member of the community can help in doing the formatting for you.

Some excellent tutorials on editing text in wikis can be found in the links below. Most formatting rules you will learn from these sites work seamlessly in SubtiWiki.

Other questions?

If you have a question not answered above, please take a look at the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page.

Still in need of help? We will be glad to answer your request! Please send an e-mail!