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* '''Description:''' enolase, glycolytic/ gluconeogenic enzyme, [[universally conserved protein]]<br/><br/>
{| align="right" border="1" cellpadding="2"
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"|'''Gene name'''
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"| '''Synonyms''' || '' ''
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"| '''Essential''' || no
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"| '''Product''' || enolase
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"|'''Function''' || enzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
|colspan="2" style="background:#FAF8CC;" align="center"| '''Interactions involving this protein in [http://cellpublisher.gobics.de/subtinteract/startpage/start/ ''Subt''Interact]''': [http://cellpublisher.gobics.de/subtinteract/interactionList/2/Eno Eno]
|colspan="2" style="background:#FAF8CC;" align="center"| '''Metabolic function and regulation of this protein in [[SubtiPathways|''Subti''Pathways]]: <br/>[http://subtiwiki.uni-goettingen.de/pathways/carbon_flow.html Central C-metabolism]'''
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"| '''MW, pI''' || 46,4 kDa, 4.49
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"| '''Gene length, protein length''' || 1290 bp, 430 amino acids
|style="background:#ABCDEF;" align="center"|'''Immediate neighbours''' || ''[[yvbK]]'', ''[[pgm]]''
|colspan="2" style="background:#FAF8CC;" align="center"|'''Get the DNA and protein [http://srs.ebi.ac.uk/srsbin/cgi-bin/wgetz?-e+&#91;EMBLCDS:CAB15395&#93;+-newId sequences] <br/> (Barbe ''et al.'', 2009)'''
|colspan="2" | '''Genetic context''' <br/> [[Image:eno_context.gif]]
<div align="right"> <small>This image was kindly provided by [http://genolist.pasteur.fr/SubtiList/ SubtiList]</small></div>
= [[Categories]] containing this gene/protein =
{{SubtiWiki category|[[carbon core metabolism]]}},
{{SubtiWiki category|[[membrane proteins]]}},
{{SubtiWiki category|[[phosphoproteins]]}},
{{SubtiWiki category|[[universally conserved proteins]]}}
= This gene is a member of the following [[regulons]] =
{{SubtiWiki regulon|[[CggR regulon]]}}
=The gene=
=== Basic information ===
* '''Locus tag:''' BSU33900
===Phenotypes of a mutant ===
* no growth on LB, requires glucose and malate
* essential according to Kobayashi et al. on LB  [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12682299 PubMed]
=== Database entries ===
* '''DBTBS entry:''' [http://dbtbs.hgc.jp/COG/prom/cggR-gapA-pgk-tpiA-pgm-eno.html]
* '''SubtiList entry:''' [http://genolist.pasteur.fr/SubtiList/genome.cgi?gene_detail+BG10899]
=== Additional information===
=The protein=
=== Basic information/ Evolution ===
* '''Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity:''' 2-phospho-D-glycerate = phosphoenolpyruvate + H<sub>2</sub>O (according to Swiss-Prot) 2-phospho-D-glycerate = phosphoenolpyruvate + H(2)O
* '''Protein family:''' enolase family (according to Swiss-Prot)
* '''Paralogous protein(s):'''
=== Extended information on the protein ===
* '''Kinetic information:''' reversible Michaelis-Menten [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/25885 PubMed]
* '''Domains:'''
** substrate binding domain (366–369)
* '''Modification:''' phosphorylation on Thr-141 AND Ser-259 AND Tyr-281 AND Ser-325 [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/17218307 PubMed], [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16493705 PubMed], [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17726680 PubMed]
* '''Cofactor(s):''' Mg2+
* '''Effectors of protein activity:'''
** Inhibited by EDTA [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/25885 PubMed]
* '''[[SubtInteract|Interactions]]:'''
** part of the [[RNA degradosome]]  {{PubMed|19193632}}
** [[Eno]]-[[PfkA]] {{PubMed|19193632}}
** [[Eno]]-[[Rny]] {{PubMed|19193632,21803996}}
** [[Eno]]-[[CshA]] {{PubMed|20572937}}
* '''[[Localization]]:'''
** cytoplasm [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/16479537 PubMed]
** membrane associated [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/18763711 PubMed]
** exported, this requires a long, unbent α-helix (from A108 to L126)  {{PubMed|15003462,21856851}}
=== Database entries ===
* '''Structure:''' [http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/cgi/explore.cgi?pdbId=1W6T 1W6T] (from ''Streptococcus pneumoniae'') {{PubMed|15476816}}
* '''UniProt:''' [http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P37869 P37869]
* '''KEGG entry:''' [http://www.genome.jp/dbget-bin/www_bget?bsu:BSU33900]
* '''E.C. number:''' [http://www.expasy.org/enzyme/]
=== Additional information===
* Enolase is a [[moonlighting proteins|moonlighting protein]]. [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/19193632 PubMed]
* There are indications that this enzyme is an octamer [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/25885 PubMed]
* [[universally conserved protein]]
* extensive information on the structure and enzymatic properties of Eno can be found at [http://www.proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Enolase Proteopedia]
=Expression and regulation=
* '''Operon:'''
** ''[[cggR]]-[[gapA]]-[[pgk]]-[[tpiA]]-[[pgm]]-[[eno]]'' {{PubMed|11489127}}
** ''[[pgk]]-[[tpiA]]-[[pgm]]-[[eno]]'' {{PubMed|11489127}}
* '''Sigma factor:''' [[SigA]] {{PubMed|11489127}}
* '''Regulation:'''
** expression activated by glucose (3.3 fold) [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12850135 PubMed] 
** ''[[cggR]]'': induced by glycolytic substrates [[CggR]] {{PubMed|11489127}}
** ''[[pgk]]'': constitutive {{PubMed|11489127}}
* '''Regulatory mechanism:''' transcription repression by [[CggR]] {{PubMed|11489127}}
* '''Additional information:'''
=Biological materials =
* '''Mutant:'''
** GP594 (''eno''::''cat''), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** GP599 (''eno''::''erm''), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** GP698 (''eno''-''[[pgm]]''::''cat''), available in [[Stülke]] lab
* '''Expression vector:'''
** pGP1426 (expression of ''[[eno]]'' in ''B. subtilis'', in [[pBQ200]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** pGP1500 (expression of ''[[pgm]]'' and ''[[eno]]'' in ''B. subtilis'', in [[pBQ200]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** pGP563 (N-terminal His-tag, in [[pWH844]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** pGP1276 (N-terminal Strep-tag, purification from ''E. coli'', in [[pGP172]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** pGP93 (N-terminal Strep-tag, purification from ''B. subtilis'', for [[SPINE]], in [[pGP380]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
** GP1215 (''eno''-''Strep'' ''(spc)''), purification from ''B. subtilis'', for [[SPINE]], available in [[Stülke]] lab
* '''lacZ fusion:'''
** see ''[[pgk]]''
* '''GFP fusion:''' pHT315-yfp-eno, available in [[Mijakovic]] lab
* '''two-hybrid system:''' ''B. pertussis'' adenylate cyclase-based bacterial two hybrid system ([[BACTH]]), available in [[Stülke]] lab
* '''FLAG-tag construct:''' GP1214 (spc, based on [[pGP1331]]), available in the [[Stülke]] lab
* '''Antibody:''' available in [[Stülke]] lab
=Labs working on this gene/protein=
[[Stülke|Jörg Stülke]], University of Göttingen, Germany
[http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~genmibio/stuelke.html Homepage]
=Your additional remarks=
<pubmed> 8994873 </pubmed>
==Subcellular localization of enolase==
'''Additional publications:''' {{PubMed|21856851}}
<pubmed> 16479537 18763711 15003462 20497499 </pubmed>
==Other original publications==
<pubmed> 17726680, 17218307, 12850135, 19193632, 11489127, 8021172, 17505547, 25885, 20572937 15476816 9988532 ,21803996</pubmed>
[[Category:Protein-coding genes]]

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