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  • Description: antilisterial bacteriocin (subtilosin) production

Gene name albE
Synonyms ywhO
Essential no
Product processing protease
Function antilisterial bacteriocin (subtilosin) production
MW, pI 43 kDa, 6.067
Gene length, protein length 1158 bp, 386 aa
Immediate neighbours albD, albF
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(Barbe et al., 2009)
Genetic context
AlbE context.gif
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The gene

Basic information

  • Locus tag: BSU37410

Phenotypes of a mutant

Database entries

  • DBTBS entry: [1]
  • SubtiList entry: [2]

Additional information

The protein

Basic information/ Evolution

  • Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity:
  • Protein family:
  • Paralogous protein(s):

Extended information on the protein

  • Kinetic information:
  • Domains:
  • Modification:
  • Cofactor(s):
  • Effectors of protein activity:
  • Interactions:
  • Localization:

Database entries

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  • KEGG entry: [3]
  • E.C. number:

Additional information

Expression and regulation

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Biological materials

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  • Expression vector:
  • lacZ fusion:
  • GFP fusion:
  • two-hybrid system:
  • Antibody:

Labs working on this gene/protein

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