Rok regulon

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Genes in this regulon


Important publications on the Rok regulon

Akos T Kovács, Oscar P Kuipers
Rok regulates yuaB expression during architecturally complex colony development of Bacillus subtilis 168.
J Bacteriol: 2011, 193(4);998-1002
[PubMed:21097620] [] [DOI] (I p)

Mark Albano, Wiep Klaas Smits, Linh T Y Ho, Barbara Kraigher, Ines Mandic-Mulec, Oscar P Kuipers, David Dubnau
The Rok protein of Bacillus subtilis represses genes for cell surface and extracellular functions.
J Bacteriol: 2005, 187(6);2010-9
[PubMed:15743949] [] [DOI] (P p)

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