RCK N domain

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This domain is found in several sodium and potassium transporters.

B. subtilis proteins containing a RCK_N domain

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Important publications

Marina Schrecker, Dorith Wunnicke, Inga Hänelt
How RCK domains regulate gating of K+ channels.
Biol. Chem.: 2019, 400(10);1303-1322
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Ronald A Albright, José-Luís Vazquez Ibar, Chae Un Kim, Sol M Gruner, João Henrique Morais-Cabral
The RCK domain of the KtrAB K+ transporter: multiple conformations of an octameric ring.
Cell: 2006, 126(6);1147-59
[PubMed:16990138] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (P p)

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