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These genes are fragmented in the genome of B. subtilis 168 and are therefore inactive

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Genes Coordinates BSU-Number
yqbN/1 2677466..2677657 BSU26039
yqbN/2 2677657..2678094 BSU26040 second part of the yqbN pseudogene
yrdD/1 2732389..2732547 BSU26748
yrdD/2 2732547..2732747 BSU26749 second part of the yrdD pseudogene
yrdD/3 2732747..2732881 BSU26750 third part of the yrdD pseudogene
yusY/1 3380704..3382212 BSU32960
yusY/2 3382209..3382499 BSU32970 second part of the yusY pseudogene
swrAA/1 3621618..3621956 BSU35230
swrAA/2 3621931..3622047 BSU35239 second part of the swrAA pseudogene
yxiT/1 4006987..4007415 BSU39029
yxiT/2 4007416..4007658 BSU39030
sfp/1 407460..407627 BSU03569
sfp/2 407638..408135 BSU03570 second part of the sfp pseudogene
ydzS/1 581228..581329 BSU05343
ydzS/2 581341..581454 BSU05344 second part of the ydzS pseudogene
ydhU/1 633923..634651 BSU05890
ydhU/2 634651..634776 BSU05899 second part of the ydhU pseudogene
ydzT/1 651977..652084 BSU06033
ydzT/2 652087..652245 BSU06034 second part of the ydzT pseudogene
ydzT/3 652290..652418 BSU06036 third part of the ydzT pseudogene
ydzT/4 652511..652720 BSU06037 fourth part of the ydzT pseudogene
ydzT/5 652713..653018 BSU06038 fifth part of the ydzT pseudogene
ydzV 654333..654692 BSU06049
ydzW/1 657793..658062 BSU06073
ydzW/2 658061..658189 BSU06074 second part of the ydzW pseudogene
ydzW/3 658189..658605 BSU06076 third part of the ydzW pseudogene
ydzW/4 658615..658758 BSU06077 fourth part of the ydzW pseudogene
ydzW/5 658813..659010 BSU06078 fifth part of the ydzW pseudogene
ydzW/6 659010..659129 BSU06079 sixth part of the ydzW pseudogene
ydzW/7 659129..659221 BSU06083 seventh part of the ydzW pseudogene
yetI 786689..787264 BSU07170
yezB 787264..787560 BSU07180 second part of the yetI pseudogene
appA/1 1213537..1214001 BSU11381
appA/2 1214001..1215167 BSU11382 second part of the appA pseudogene
ymfK/1 1760851..1761303 BSU16890
ymfK/2 1761302..1761640 BSU16900 second part of the ymfK pseudogene
ymzE/1 1862937..1862993 BSU17266
ymzE/2 1862992..1863168 BSU17267 second part of the ymzE pseudogene
yoyK/1 2278108..2278347 BSU21598
yoyK/2 2278340..2278456 BSU21599 second part of the yoyK pseudogene
ypuC/1 2433631..2433885 BSU23329
ypuC/2 2433878..2434165 BSU23330 second part of the ypuC pseudogene
yvzH 3666933..3667016 BSU35679
yvzI 3671416..3671622 BSU35698
yvzE 3672929..3673525 BSU35699
tuaA/1 3658259..3658408 BSU35609
tuaA/2 3658407..3658892 BSU35610

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