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Protein-protein interactions are essential for many activities of any living cell. These interactions involve multi-protein complexes that take part in central processes such as DNA replication, transcription or translation. Protein-protein interactions may also be involved in a variety of regulatory events. Metabolic enzymes do often form transien complexes that represent a complete pathways. These complexes are called metabolon. Finally, many interactions may be of a transient nature.

Now online: A description of SubtiWiki, SubtiPathways, and SubtInteract in the 2012 Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research

Ulrike Mäder, Arne G Schmeisky, Lope A Flórez, Jörg Stülke
SubtiWiki--a comprehensive community resource for the model organism Bacillus subtilis.
Nucleic Acids Res: 2012, 40(Database issue);D1278-87
[PubMed:22096228] [] [DOI] (I p)

Methods to detect protein-protein interactions

  • Yeast Two Hybrid System PubMed
  • SPINE: A method to detect in vivo protein-protein interactions after cross-linking PubMed
  • in vivo detection of protein-protein interaction using DivIVA and GFP PubMed

Attention: Each technique detects only about 33% of all interactions PubMed

Visualization of protein-protein interactions in B. subtilis

Protein complexes in B. subtilis

Complexes in Cellular processes

cell wall synthesis and cell shape: the elongasome

cell division: the divisome

Complexes in metabolism, ATP synthesis and respiration

the metabolons of glycolysis and the TCA cycle PubMed

the ATP synthase

respiratory complexes and supercomplexes

Complexes in Information processing

Initiation of DNA replication: the primosome

DNA replication: the replisome

origin segregation: condensin

transcription: RNA polymerase

translation: the ribosome

synthesis of glutamyl-tRNA(Gln): the transamidosome (GatA-GatB-GatC)-GltX-trnS-Gln

RNA processing and degradation: the RNA degradosome

protein secretion: the signal recognition particle

Complexes involved in Lifestyles

general stress response: the stressosome

DNA uptake: the pseudopilus PubMed

spore germination: the germinosome

Suspected hub proteins potentially involved in a large number of interactions (as deduced from a Yeast two-hybrid analysis)

Elodie Marchadier, Rut Carballido-López, Sophie Brinster, Céline Fabret, Peggy Mervelet, Philippe Bessières, Marie-Françoise Noirot-Gros, Vincent Fromion, Philippe Noirot
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Proteomics: 2011, 11(15);2981-91
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