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Privacy Policy of SubtiWiki mobile applications for Android and iOS devices

Types of Data collected

The SubtiWiki mobile application for Android or iOS devices will request access to users' camera and photo gallary. Rejecting this request will not effect the basic functionality as searching and displaying the information about genes. However, users will not be able to import an image and assosicate this image with a gene of his/her interest.

SubtiWiki App saves the list of users' favourite genes and cache of information of thoses genes in a local database.

Mode and pplace of processing the Data

Methods of processing

The images users have imported to the SubtiWiki mobile application will be copied to location of the app. Meta data, namely the time when this image is generated is collected to the database of Subti'Wiki app.


All images and database of SubtiWiki are stored at the private application directory. This location is NOT accessible to other mobile applications and all data are NOT shared via any cloud service. All data are kept strictly local.

Rentention time

All data are kept until the user delete the app, or click the "Delete all data" button on "About" tab inside the app.