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Mechanosensitive channels

Ion transporters

Ion uptake

Ion export

ECF transporter for the uptake of micronutrients

Amino acid uptake

Nucleotide and nucleoside transporters

Nucleotide and nucleoside uptake

  • hypoxanthine/ guanine: PbuG
  • hypoxanthine/ guanine: PbuO (based on similarity)

Nucleotide and nucleoside export

  • hypoxanthine: PbuE (putative)

Sugar transport proteins

ABC transporters

PTS proteins

  • General PTS proteins: Enzyme I, HPr
  • PtsG: glucose permease, EIICBA
  • GamP: glucosamine permease, EIICBA
  • MurP: N-acetyl muramic acid-specific phosphotransferase system, EIIBC component
  • MtlA, MtlF: mannitol permease
  • GmuA, GmuB, GmuC: galactomannan permease
  • TreP: trehalose permease
  • MalP: maltose permease
  • FruA: fructose permease
  • ManP: mannose permease
  • YpqE: unknown EIIA component
  • LevD, LevE, LevF, LevG: fructose permease
  • SacP: sucrose permease (high affinity)
  • SacY: sucrose permease (low affinity)
  • LicA, LicB, LicC: lichenan permease
  • BglP: ß-glucoside permease
  • YyzE: unknown PTS protein
  • YwbA: unknown EIIC component

The PTS in SubtiPathways

Transporters for the uptake of compatible solutes in response to hyperosmolarity

Uptake of siderophores

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