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PTS 50 - The PTS celebrates 50 years of transport and regulation

1st announcement

Dear colleagues,

In 2014 it will be 50 years since the first article about the PTS was published.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A: 1964, 52;1067-74
[PubMed:14224387] [] [DOI] (P p)

To honor this event we decided to organize a meeting entitled “The PTS celebrates 50 years of transport and regulation”. The meeting will be held at the University in Göttingen, Germany, from 7 to 8 of September 2014. We would be delighted if you would be able to participate.

In order to be able to plan the meeting, we ask you to let us know until February 15 whether you want to participate in the meeting and by how many co-workers you will eventually be accompanied. Please, also inform us whether you plan to make an oral or poster presentation of your work and provide a tentative title. Our list of potentially interested colleagues is certainly not complete. So if you notice that someone is missing, please send her/him this announcement.

Milton Saier will dedicate a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology to this meeting. If you are interested you can submit a mansuscript (review or original article) of your presentation, which will be reviewed for a potential publication in the special JMMB issue that will be published after the meeting.

The PTS meeting will be followed by the first meeting dedicated to post translational modifications in bacteria (1st PTM meeting 2014). This meeting is organized by Ivan Mijakovic, Christophe Grangeasse, Allan Kent Nielsen and Jörg Stülke and it will be held from September 9 to 10 at the University in Göttingen. An announcement with the details of this second meeting, which will deal with protein phosphorylation, adenylation, uridylation, acetylation, glycosylation and pupylation in bacteria and which is in part closely related to the PTS, will be sent out within the next days. You are most welcome to participate in both meetings and to enjoy the romantic city of Göttingen for another two days. Moreover, after the PTM meeting 2014, we would like to invite you to a tour to the vibrant German capital, Berlin. This tour will include a guided visit of major sights in Berlin (guide: Jörg Stülke) and of one museum of Berlin’s Museum Island.

The conference fee for the PTS50 meeting will be limited to 100 € (Euros), including refreshments during coffee breaks and a conference dinner on September 7. A 2nd announcement with more details about travel and accommodation will be sent out in due course.

The registration deadline is May 11, 2014. Your registration as well as your abstract should be sent by e-mail to Jörg Stülke. Please send a single file according to the registration form.

We cordially invite you and members of your laboratory to participate.

The organizers: Josef Deutscher, Milton Saier & Jörg Stülke


The meeting will take place in the convention center "Historic observatory" in Göttingen (see the location on the map)

The Registration form



  • PTS 50 100,00 € (includes dinner on September 7)
  • Trip to Berlin 100,00 € (includes train ticket and visit of one spectacular museum on Berlin’s Museum’s island which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Please have the total fee available in cash at the registration desk of the meeting!


We have reserved hotels at special rates. They are reserved until June 30. Please, make your arrangement as soon as possible. The “Keyword” for your order is “Microbiology”. These hotels are:

You will find additional hotels on the homepage of Göttingen.


  • Information on Göttingen including a city map can be found here
  • The Nobel prize winners that were/are associated to Göttingen are listed here

How to reach Göttingen

  • By train: Göttingen has an ICE station, and there are direct trains from Hamburg, Basel, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin. If you come from the western part of Germany (or from the Netherlands), please go to Kassel or Hannover, and then via ICE to Göttingen.
  • By plane: The closest airport is Hannover, from there you can take the train or rent a car. Alternative airports include Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt. Then please take the train to Göttingen.