GlmS ribozyme

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glmS ribozyme

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RNA cleavage

Structure of the ribozyme

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Important publications

Jamie L Bingaman, Sixue Zhang, David R Stevens, Neela H Yennawar, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Philip C Bevilacqua
The GlcN6P cofactor plays multiple catalytic roles in the glmS ribozyme.
Nat Chem Biol: 2017, 13(4);439-445
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Arati Ramesh, Wade C Winkler
Metabolite-binding ribozymes.
Biochim Biophys Acta: 2014, 1839(10);989-994
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Christina E Lünse, Günter Mayer
Screening assays to identify artificial glmS ribozyme activators.
Methods Mol Biol: 2014, 1103;199-209
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Krista M Brooks, Ken J Hampel
Rapid steps in the glmS ribozyme catalytic pathway: cation and ligand requirements.
Biochemistry: 2011, 50(13);2424-33
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Peter Y Watson, Martha J Fedor
The glmS riboswitch integrates signals from activating and inhibitory metabolites in vivo.
Nat Struct Mol Biol: 2011, 18(3);359-63
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Jesse C Cochrane, Sarah V Lipchock, Kathryn D Smith, Scott A Strobel
Structural and chemical basis for glucosamine 6-phosphate binding and activation of the glmS ribozyme.
Biochemistry: 2009, 48(15);3239-46
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Jennifer A Collins, Irnov Irnov, Stephanie Baker, Wade C Winkler
Mechanism of mRNA destabilization by the glmS ribozyme.
Genes Dev: 2007, 21(24);3356-68
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Rebecca A Tinsley, Jennifer R W Furchak, Nils G Walter
Trans-acting glmS catalytic riboswitch: locked and loaded.
RNA: 2007, 13(4);468-77
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Kenneth Blount, Izabela Puskarz, Robert Penchovsky, Ronald Breaker
Development and application of a high-throughput assay for glmS riboswitch activators.
RNA Biol: 2006, 3(2);77-81
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Daniel J Klein, Adrian R Ferré-D'Amaré
Structural basis of glmS ribozyme activation by glucosamine-6-phosphate.
Science: 2006, 313(5794);1752-6
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Ken J Hampel, Melissa M Tinsley
Evidence for preorganization of the glmS ribozyme ligand binding pocket.
Biochemistry: 2006, 45(25);7861-71
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Adam Roth, Ali Nahvi, Mark Lee, Inbal Jona, Ronald R Breaker
Characteristics of the glmS ribozyme suggest only structural roles for divalent metal ions.
RNA: 2006, 12(4);607-19
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Tom J McCarthy, Melissa A Plog, Shennen A Floy, Joshua A Jansen, Juliane K Soukup, Garrett A Soukup
Ligand requirements for glmS ribozyme self-cleavage.
Chem Biol: 2005, 12(11);1221-6
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Jeffrey E Barrick, Keith A Corbino, Wade C Winkler, Ali Nahvi, Maumita Mandal, Jennifer Collins, Mark Lee, Adam Roth, Narasimhan Sudarsan, Inbal Jona, J Kenneth Wickiser, Ronald R Breaker
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A: 2004, 101(17);6421-6
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Wade C Winkler, Ali Nahvi, Adam Roth, Jennifer A Collins, Ronald R Breaker
Control of gene expression by a natural metabolite-responsive ribozyme.
Nature: 2004, 428(6980);281-6
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