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Germinant receptors

Additional germination proteins

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Important original publications

Lior Sinai, Sigal Ben-Yehuda
Front Microbiol: 2016, 7;2043
[PubMed:28082954] [] [DOI] (P e)

George Korza, Barbara Setlow, Lei Rao, Qiao Li, Peter Setlow
Changes in Bacillus Spore Small Molecules, rRNA, Germination, and Outgrowth after Extended Sublethal Exposure to Various Temperatures: Evidence that Protein Synthesis Is Not Essential for Spore Germination.
J Bacteriol: 2016, 198(24);3254-3264
[PubMed:27645383] [] [DOI] (I e)

Alexander Sturm, Jonathan Dworkin
Phenotypic Diversity as a Mechanism to Exit Cellular Dormancy.
Curr Biol: 2015, 25(17);2272-7
[PubMed:26279233] [] [DOI] (I p)

Katja Nagler, Ralf Moeller
Systematic investigation of germination responses of Bacillus subtilis spores in different high-salinity environments.
FEMS Microbiol Ecol: 2015, 91(5);
[PubMed:25764471] [] [DOI] (I p)

Stephanie Luu, Jose Cruz-Mora, Barbara Setlow, Florence E Feeherry, Christopher J Doona, Peter Setlow
The effects of heat activation on Bacillus spore germination, with nutrients or under high pressure, with or without various germination proteins.
Appl Environ Microbiol: 2015, 81(8);2927-38
[PubMed:25681191] [] [DOI] (I p)

Lior Sinai, Alex Rosenberg, Yoav Smith, Einat Segev, Sigal Ben-Yehuda
The molecular timeline of a reviving bacterial spore.
Mol Cell: 2015, 57(4);695-707
[PubMed:25661487] [] [DOI] (I p)

Shiwei Wang, Peter Setlow, Yong-Qing Li
Slow leakage of Ca-dipicolinic acid from individual bacillus spores during initiation of spore germination.
J Bacteriol: 2015, 197(6);1095-103
[PubMed:25583976] [] [DOI] (I p)

Pengfei Zhang, Jintao Liang, Xuan Yi, Peter Setlow, Yong-Qing Li
Monitoring of commitment, blocking, and continuation of nutrient germination of individual Bacillus subtilis spores.
J Bacteriol: 2014, 196(13);2443-54
[PubMed:24769693] [] [DOI] (I p)

Katja Nagler, Peter Setlow, Yong-Qing Li, Ralf Moeller
High salinity alters the germination behavior of Bacillus subtilis spores with nutrient and nonnutrient germinants.
Appl Environ Microbiol: 2014, 80(4);1314-21
[PubMed:24317076] [] [DOI] (I p)

Kerry-Ann V Stewart, Peter Setlow
Numbers of individual nutrient germinant receptors and other germination proteins in spores of Bacillus subtilis.
J Bacteriol: 2013, 195(16);3575-82
[PubMed:23749970] [] [DOI] (I p)

B Setlow, J Yu, Y-Q Li, P Setlow
Analysis of the germination kinetics of individual Bacillus subtilis spores treated with hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite.
Lett Appl Microbiol: 2013, 57(4);259-65
[PubMed:23746146] [] [DOI] (I p)

Rachna Pandey, Alex Ter Beek, Norbert O E Vischer, Jan P P M Smelt, Stanley Brul, Erik M M Manders
Live cell imaging of germination and outgrowth of individual bacillus subtilis spores; the effect of heat stress quantitatively analyzed with SporeTracker.
PLoS One: 2013, 8(3);e58972
[PubMed:23536843] [] [DOI] (I p)

Kerry-Ann V Stewart, Xuan Yi, Sonali Ghosh, Peter Setlow
Germination protein levels and rates of germination of spores of Bacillus subtilis with overexpressed or deleted genes encoding germination proteins.
J Bacteriol: 2012, 194(12);3156-64
[PubMed:22493018] [] [DOI] (I p)

Important reviews

Anne Moir, Gareth Cooper
Spore Germination.
Microbiol Spectr: 2015, 3(6);
[PubMed:27337279] [] [DOI] (I p)

Frédérique Pompeo, Elodie Foulquier, Anne Galinier
Impact of Serine/Threonine Protein Kinases on the Regulation of Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis.
Front Microbiol: 2016, 7;568
[PubMed:27148245] [] [DOI] (P e)

Jonathan Dworkin, Ishita M Shah
Exit from dormancy in microbial organisms.
Nat Rev Microbiol: 2010, 8(12);890-6
[PubMed:20972452] [] [DOI] (I p)

A Moir
How do spores germinate?
J Appl Microbiol: 2006, 101(3);526-30
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Peter Setlow
Spore germination.
Curr Opin Microbiol: 2003, 6(6);550-6
[PubMed:14662349] [] [DOI] (P p)

A Moir, B M Corfe, J Behravan
Spore germination.
Cell Mol Life Sci: 2002, 59(3);403-9
[PubMed:11964118] [] [DOI] (P p)

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