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ECF transporters are required for the uptake of micronutrients such as cofactors (vitamins), metal ions, or amino acids. The transporters are composed of three general components (membrane spanning T protein und two ATP-hydrolyzing A proteins) and substrate-specific S proteins. In B. subtilis, there are four known substrates for ECF transporters, riboflavin, thiamine, biotin, and tryptophan.

The general components of the ECF transporters

  • ybxA ATP-binding A1 protein (EcfA1)
  • ybaE ATP-binding A2 protein (EcfA2)
  • ybaF membrane-spanning T protein (EcfT)

The substrate-specific S components of the ECF transporters

  • RibU: uptake of riboflavin
  • ThiT: uptake of thiamine
  • YhfU: uptake of biotin
  • TrpP: uptake of tryptophan
  • YuiG: unknown specificity, may also transport biotin

The class I ECF transporter for thiamine

  • ThiU: binding protein
  • ThiV: substrate-specific S component
  • ThiW: ATP-binding protein (corresponds to A1 + A2)
  • ThiX: membrane-spanning T protein

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