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Condensin is a conserved protein complex that binds the origin region of the DNA. It is required for segregation of the origin regions after DNA replication. Condensin is a central modulator of chromosome superstructure in all domains of life.

Mutants lacking condensin components are viable as long as they grow slowly (i.e. on minimal medium), but the components are essential for rapid growth (on LB).

Localization of the condensin complex depends on ParB. The condensin (Smc)2-ScpA-ScpB complex is loaded by [SW|ParB] to parS centromeric sites adjacent to the replication origin, travels then from the origin to the terminus at rates >50 kb per minute [Pubmed|28154080,24440393,23475963]

The condensin complex: Smc2-ScpA-ScpB

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