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transport proteins


Uptake of carbon sources

ATPase subunit of multiple sugar transport systems

Uptake of amino acids

Uptake of nucleosides

Uptake of peptides

Uptake of compatible solutes for osmoprotection

Uptake of cofactors

Uptake of iron/ siderophores

Uptake of ions

ABC transporters of unknown function


Efflux of antibiotics

  • VmlR: efflux of virginiamycin M and lincomycin
  • BmrA: efflux of multiple antibiotics
  • BmrC-BmrD: efflux of multiple antibiotics
  • YfiL-YfiM-YfiN: probably efflux of linearmcin

Export of antibiotic substances

Export of peptides

Export of cell wall components

Export of ions

Exporters of unknown function

Regulatory ABC transporters

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