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Potential protein homologs

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Potential protein homologs


The following list presents the potential protein homologs for DppE using FASTA alignment tool. For all top hits, a bidirectional analysis was performed and those showing the same pair of proteins are considered to be potential orthologs.
The column Best hit bidirectional informs if DppE was found to be best hit in the alignment with the protein of the respective organism.


OrganismProtein nameIdentitySimilarityBidirectional
best hit
Bacillus licheniformisDppE75.3%91.9%Yes
Bacillus anthracisGBAA_018936.9%70.7%Yes
Listeria monocytogenesCAD0027434.1%69.2%Yes
Staphylococcus aureusSAOUHSC_0092732.4%68.2%Yes
Lactococcus lactisOptA29.5%62.2%No
Streptococcus pneumoniaeAliA25.2%55.4%Yes
Streptococcus pyogenesOppA27.4%60.2%No
Clostridium acetobutylicumCA_C363435.3%70.3%No
Mycoplasma pneumoniae No significant homolog No significant homolog
Corynebacterium glutamicumBAB9938325.3%60.9%Yes
Streptomyces coelicolorCAC0574724.9%59.3%No
Escherichia coliMppA32.2%68.7%No
Synechocystis sp.BAA1774026.1%55.9%Yes
Synechococcus elongatusSynpcc7942_116924.3%54.9%No
Borrelia burgdorferiOppAIV29.2%67.1%Yes