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L-box Regulon
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L-box Regulon

genes in this regulon

transcription termination/antitermination

  • [gene|F7B947938FB40E54D89A719E9610C5A4AA400674|lysC]
  • [gene|5762418690734FB959506B7317208CCA1A340720|yvsH]
  • description

  • The L-box is a [SW|riboswitch] that binds lysine and controls gene expression by a termination/ antitermination mechanism. Upon binding of lysine, the L-box adopts a terminator structure thtus preventing expression of [gene|F7B947938FB40E54D89A719E9610C5A4AA400674|lysC]. In the absence of lysine, the L-box has an antiterminator structure that allows [gene|F7B947938FB40E54D89A719E9610C5A4AA400674|lysC] expression and thus lysine biosynthesis.
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  • References

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