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Gly-box Regulon
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Gly-box Regulon

genes in this regulon


  • [gene|F6F449170276055E6D60D89E9E17A152A82CA166|gcvT]-[gene|DB0618EBA12013842ED3972165D0276F438D8EC1|gcvPA]-[gene|20175DF9FCF07C34A05C572B089C33D1E1FE6DF2|gcvPB]
  • description

  • Glycin-controlled [SW|riboswitch], present in tandem in front of the [gene|F6F449170276055E6D60D89E9E17A152A82CA166|gcvT]-[gene|DB0618EBA12013842ED3972165D0276F438D8EC1|gcvPA]-[gene|20175DF9FCF07C34A05C572B089C33D1E1FE6DF2|gcvPB] operon. Mediates induction of glycine degradation in the presence of glycine.
  • References

  • 15472076 21439473 23249744 23721735,31992591