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FMN-box Regulon
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FMN-box Regulon

genes in this regulon

transcription termination

  • [gene|3DFCF7C5FE15C9A3E9E7E4B0DA8E926B85DBD180|ribD]-[gene|4E18BD4B084094EE4FBC8FE2AC95B14581D20C0F|ribE]-[gene|F07B7062C850106A95C15978E36DA500F8B089D6|ribA]-[gene|2A5DCBFAB51996F0DDEC964D5D178274AF86CE69|ribH]-[gene|8146A052E4E7844F781E7169C264EC927DEB7387|ribT]
  • [gene|651C370386E9FB45E3B98001800D342FEDB43E9A|ribU]
  • description

  • In response to in the presence of FMN or FMNH2, this is counter-acted upon binding of [protein|3D32B6C1DC9CAC615B02E14EA846648C3B0E61D6|RibR] [PubMed|26494285].
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  • References

  • 12456892,15808508,26494285