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LutR Regulon
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LutR Regulon

genes in this regulon


  • [gene|8C13E1EF5437DD8F9906643DEDCBB18DABE3B9E3|tapA]-[gene|09B082BF39703F0D9A5980E643175DBD59F5B228|sipW]-[gene|BF97457E986656E4A9FE7A858F5BDF1759850D5C|tasA]
  • [gene|E06A3392E644FEDC6F46ED41BBE89168F59B76B3|bslA]
  • repression

  • [gene|FEC83B66CEA311EA1650D61A215F82E9DF4E9F03|lutA]-[gene|57B9E37F6232189CD47C1B41FDCF43FCB8016AEB|lutB]-[gene|5EE69198882DF4E9AB8D9D7267F071EF88C2F16D|lutC]
  • [gene|E607B0D57398BCCF64CF3CE2110E632B0C3A109E|lutP]
  • description

  • The LutR regulon differs in wild isolates and laboratory strains: LutR in wild isolates (e.g RO-NN-1) regulates [gene|FEC83B66CEA311EA1650D61A215F82E9DF4E9F03|lutA]-[gene|57B9E37F6232189CD47C1B41FDCF43FCB8016AEB|lutB]-[gene|5EE69198882DF4E9AB8D9D7267F071EF88C2F16D|lutC] and [gene|E607B0D57398BCCF64CF3CE2110E632B0C3A109E|lutP] [PubMed|25031425], while LutR in laboratory strains (e.g. PY79) seems to regulate wide range of genes [PubMed|24196425]. The laboratory strains 168 and PY79 lacks 44 amino acids N terminal part, including a part of the HTH motif. The DNA binding specificity and therefore the in vivo regulated genes could differ due to this difference in LutR proteins [PubMed|25031425].
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  • [category|SW 4.1.4|Swarming]
  • References

  • 25031425, 24196425