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yflS operon
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yflS operon


regulatory mechanism

  • [protein|689CF50691E77E5A40437EF1E6B5083AF7CFCE08|MalR]: activation, in [regulon|689CF50691E77E5A40437EF1E6B5083AF7CFCE08|MalR regulon]
  • regulation

  • induced by malate ([protein|689CF50691E77E5A40437EF1E6B5083AF7CFCE08|MalR])
  • additional information

  • the mRNA is substantially stabilized upon depletion of [SW|Rny|RNase Y ][PubMed|21815947]
  • the mRNA is stabilized by basepairing with the [protein|search|RoxS ]RNA [pubmed|28436820]
  • non-protected mRNA is subject to degradation by by [SW|rnjA|RNase J1] [pubmed|28436820]