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oxdC→rsiO operon
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oxdC→rsiO operon


sigma factors

  • [protein|6359025A73C0BD313F5BCC6F56FE88B820902AAA|SigO]: sigma factor, [Pubmed|19047353], in [regulon|6359025A73C0BD313F5BCC6F56FE88B820902AAA|SigO regulon]
  • [protein|AE8D4F07EFB17DA727D80229C3E72075928AA352|RsoA]: sigma factor, in [regulon|AE8D4F07EFB17DA727D80229C3E72075928AA352|RsoA regulon]
  • regulation

  • induced by acidic growth conditions [Pubmed|19047353]