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hag operon
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The 21st International Conference on Bacilli has been postponed to 2022 and will take place in Prague.

hag operon


sigma factors

  • [protein|7024E4162A6D827069F882FDEACA696EBC05DD40|SigD]: sigma factor, [Pubmed|2498284], in [regulon|7024E4162A6D827069F882FDEACA696EBC05DD40|SigD regulon]
  • regulatory mechanism

  • [protein|90ACE0DECA58D3C1A55E135120F7A0C1C920571C|CodY]: repression, [Pubmed|12730172], in [regulon|90ACE0DECA58D3C1A55E135120F7A0C1C920571C|CodY regulon]
  • [protein|F7FD94CE7AB290FBFD3A9B88F204961668F9B42C|ScoC]: repression, [Pubmed|19118355], in [regulon|F7FD94CE7AB290FBFD3A9B88F204961668F9B42C|ScoC regulon]
  • regulation

  • repressed during growth in the presence of branched chain amino acids ([protein|search|CodY]) [Pubmed|12730172]