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alsS→alsD operon
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alsS→alsD operon


sigma factors

  • [protein|360F48D576DE950DF79C1A2677B7A35A8D8CC30C|SigA]: sigma factor, [Pubmed|7685336], in [regulon|360F48D576DE950DF79C1A2677B7A35A8D8CC30C|SigA regulon]
  • regulatory mechanism

  • [protein|8BA7714236EBFDBB9987F1DACC9775AD974C743E|AlsR]: activation, in the presence of acetate [Pubmed|7685336], in [regulon|8BA7714236EBFDBB9987F1DACC9775AD974C743E|AlsR regulon]
  • [protein|B5EF521437323EF43F08E5EFDB5C798616CA499A|Rex]: repression, if the ratio NADH2/NAD is high [Pubmed|16428414], in [regulon|B5EF521437323EF43F08E5EFDB5C798616CA499A|Rex regulon]
  • [regulon|stringent response|stringent response]: positive regulation, due to presence of adenines at +1 and +2 positions of the transcript [Pubmed|20081037], in [regulon|stringent response|stringent response]
  • regulation

  • induction by acetate ([protein|8BA7714236EBFDBB9987F1DACC9775AD974C743E|AlsR]) [Pubmed|30039521,7685336]
  • expression is heterogeneous [pubmed|29809139]
  • expression of the operon is strongly induced at the beginning of [SW|biofilm formation] [pubmed|31113899]