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hag [Mon May 16 2016 15:51:48 GMT+0200 (CEST)]
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hag [Mon May 16 2016 15:51:48 GMT+0200 (CEST)]

flagellin protein, about 20,000 subunits make up one flagellum
32.00 kDa
motility and chemotaxis
flagellin protein

Genomic Context



  • [category|SW 3|Information processing] → [category|SW 3.1|Genetics] → [category|SW 3.1.7|Genetic competence]
  • [category|SW 4|Lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1|Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1.1|Motility and chemotaxis] → [category|SW|Flagellar proteins]
  • [category|SW 4|Lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1|Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1.2|Biofilm formation] → [category|SW|Other proteins required for efficient pellicle biofilm formation]
  • [category|SW 4|Lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1|Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1.3|Genetic competence]
  • [category|SW 4|Lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1|Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles] → [category|SW 4.1.4|Swarming]
  • [category|SW 6|Groups of genes] → [category|SW 6.12|Secreted proteins]
  • [SW|Categories] containing this gene/protein

  • [SW|motility and chemotaxis], [SW|most abundant proteins]
  • This gene is a member of the following [SW|regulons]

  • [SW|CodY regulon], [SW|CsrA regulon], [SW|ScoC regulon], [SW|SigD regulon]
  • Gene

    Coordinates on the chromosome (coding sequence)
    3,634,987 -> 3,635,901

    Phenotypes of a mutant

  • no swarming motility on B medium. [Pubmed|19202088]
  • not essential for pellicle biofilm formation, but mutant is outcompeted by the wild-type strain when competed during pellicle formation [Pubmed|26122431]
  • few hours delay in pellicle development [Pubmed|26122431]
  • mutant has increased fitness in planktonic culture when competed with the wild-type NCIB3610 strain [Pubmed|26122431]
  • The protein

    Protein family

  • bacterial flagellin family (according to Swiss-Prot)
  • Paralogous protein(s)

  • [protein|search|YvzB] (C-terminal domain of Hag)
  • Structure

  • [PDB|3A5X] (from ''Salmonella typhimurium'', 42% identity)
  • [SW|Localization]

  • extracellular (no signal peptide), major component of the secretome [Pubmed|18957862]
  • membrane [Pubmed|18763711]
  • [SW|Interactions]

  • [protein|search|FlhA]-[protein|search|Hag] [Pubmed|20534509]
  • [protein|search|FlhA]-([protein|search|FliS]-[protein|search|Hag]) [Pubmed|20534509]
  • [protein|search|FliS]-[protein|search|Hag] [Pubmed|20534509]
  • [protein|search|FliW]-[protein|search|Hag] [Pubmed|21895793]
  • [SW|Hag]-[SW|FliD] [Pubmed|26490009]
  • Expression and Regulation


  • ''[protein|search|hag]'' [Pubmed|2498284]
  • [SW|Sigma factor]

  • [protein|search|SigD] [Pubmed|2498284]
  • Regulation

  • repressed during growth in the presence of branched chain amino acids ([protein|search|CodY]) [Pubmed|12730172]
  • Regulatory mechanism

  • [protein|search|CodY]: transcription repression [Pubmed|12730172]
  • [protein|search|CsrA]: translation inhibition [Pubmed|17555441]
  • [protein|search|ScoC]: transcription repression [Pubmed|19118355]
  • Additional information

  • the ''[protein|search|hag]'' gene is strongly overexpressed in a ''[protein|search|ymdB]'' mutant (loss of bistable gene expression) [PubMed|21856853]
  • belongs to the 100 [[most abundant proteins]] [PubMed|15378759]
  • Biological materials


  • GP901 (aphA3), GP902 (tet) [Pubmed|21856853], both available in [SW|Jörg Stülke]'s lab
  • 1A915 ( ''hag''::''cat''), [Pubmed|19202088], available at [ BGSC]
  • 1A783 ( ''hag''::''erm''), [Pubmed|2174860], available at [ BGSC]
  • 1A842 ( ''hag''::''kan''), [Pubmed|14762011], available at [ BGSC]
  • DS1677 (marker-less in NCIB3610) [Pubmed|18566286]
  • Expression vector

  • expression in ''B. subtilis'', in [SW|pBQ200]: pGP1089, available in [SW|Jörg Stülke]'s lab
  • lacZ fusion

  • pGP1035 (in [protein|search|pAC6]), pGP755 (in [protein|search|pAC7]), there is also a series of promoter deletion variants in [protein|search|pAC6] and [protein|search|pAC7] [Pubmed|21856853], all available in [SW|Jörg Stülke]'s lab
  • GFP fusion

  • BP494 (bglS:: (hag-promoter-cfp-aphA3)), BP496 (amyE:: (hag-promoter-iyfp-cat)), available in [SW|Jörg Stülke]'s lab
  • Labs working on this gene/protein

  • [SW|Daniel Kearns]
  • References


  • 22672726,25251856,26490009
  • Original Publications

  • 18566286,26122431,23144244,21602220,21856853,2498284,9648743,9096206,7708689,19202088,18763711,21895793,10809682,19118355,17555441,20534509,15378759