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Category: Regulatory RNAs
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Category: Regulatory RNAs


6. Groups of genes

6.9. NcRNA

6.9.5. Regulatory RNAs

S1290control of osmolyte uptake
SR4protection of the cell
SR7Pcontrol of [gene|789D08564463542B8D96FC12F408549A669703CE|rpsD] expression, control of [protein|872CCB5A49C9000BD95E4B0472556D5F60F7D7A4|RNase Y] activity
rnaCcontrol of [protein|E5110D9C36E8C55AFD1419987B14A53232165F20|AbrB]-mediated heterogeneity
rosA regulator of small RNA
roxScontrol of [gene|B729EFC0BF0D75765C2D2B0B4F397E0AEE11F1E7|ytdI], [gene|D72175937B3956C2BC500FC00CEC8EC57A0A76A8|sucC]-[gene|5900CAC1CE367F33B267673A7FC210A3A269B30E|sucD], and [gene|search|yflS ]expression
rrcMcontrol of central metabolism
sr1control of arginine metabolism and glycolysis