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Category: Phosphorylation on a Ser residue
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Category: Phosphorylation on a Ser residue


6. Groups of genes

6.4. Phosphoproteins

6.4.5. Phosphorylation on a Ser residue

abrBregulation of gene expression during the transition from growth to stationary phase
adeRcontrol of [gene|2D346CF412BA32EE18111DA930CFA1306F95024B|ald] expression
ahpFresistance against peroxide stress
aroAbiosynthesis of aromatic amino acids
asdbiosynthesis of threonine, lysine, dipicolic acid, peptidoglycan
citZTCA cycle
codYregulation of a large regulon in response to branched-chain amino acid limitation
cotBresistance of the spore
cotGresistance of the spore
crhcontrol of carbon flux
degSregulation of degradative enzyme and genetic competence
dhbCbiosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
dhbFbiosynthesis of the siderophore bacillibactin
enoenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
gerRspore coat formation and resistance of spores to lysozyme
glmMcell wall synthesis
groESprotein folding and re-folding
gyrBDNA supercoiling, control of [category|SW 3.1.1|replication] initiation
hemQbiosynthesis of heme
ilvCbiosynthesis of branched-chain amino acids
licBlichenan uptake and phosphorylation, control of LicR activity
manPmannose uptake and phosphorylation, control of [protein|F273002AF97D87BB025B4F014C328C5592EAD621|ManR] activity
mdhTCA cycle
mtlAmannitol uptake and phosphorylation, control of [protein|1CEDC98C9EDD8F3DEA0AF4B2104DA1BF86E688C2|MtlR] activity
murQcell wall turnover
ndkmaintainance of an equilibrium between the concentrations of different nucleoside triphosphates
pdhBlinks glycolysis and TCA cycle
pgkenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
pgmenzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pnbAlipid degradation
ptsHPTS-dependent sugar transport and carbon catabolite repression
ptsIPTS-dependent sugar transport
pupGpurine salvage and interconversion
pykcatabolic enzyme in glycolysis
pyrBpyrimidine biosynthesis
recADNA repair/ recombination
rocFarginine utilization
rsbRCcontrol of SigB activity
rsbScontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
rsbVcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
spoIIAAcontrol of [protein|CFF318EE6CACDEE763FBF96A2ABB46E944679AAA|SigF] activity
spoVGcell division, control of sporulation initiation
srfAAantibiotic synthesis, biocontrol of fungal growth
srfABantibiotic synthesis
srfACantibiotic synthesis
sspAprotection of spore DNA
sspBprotection of spore DNA
sucCTCA cycle
tagEbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
thiCbiosynthesis of thiamine
tpienzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
trmKtRNA modification
yezBpossible stressosome protein
ytnPdefense against competing bacteria
yurJuptake of sugar amines
ywjHpentose phosphate pathway