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Category: Phosphoproteins
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Category: Phosphoproteins


6. Groups of genes

6.4. Phosphoproteins

6.4.1. Phosphorylation on an Arg residue

6.4.2. Phosphorylation on an Asp residue

6.4.3. Phosphorylation on a Cys residue

6.4.4. Phosphorylation on a His residue

6.4.5. Phosphorylation on a Ser residue

6.4.6. Phosphorylation on a Thr residue

6.4.7. Phosphorylation on a Tyr residue

6.4.8. Phosphorylation on either a Ser, Thr or Tyr residue

6.4.9. Phosphoproteins / Other


  • These proteins are subject to a phosphorylation event. Most often, protein phosphorylation affects the conformation of the protein resulting in changes in biological activity, interaction properties and/ or localization.
  • original papers on the ''B. subtilis'' phosphoproteome

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