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Category: GTP-binding proteins
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Category: GTP-binding proteins


6. Groups of genes

6.3. GTP-binding proteins

cpgAribosome assembly, coordination of peptidoglycan deposition in the cell wall
eraribosome assembly
lepAtranslation elongation
obgribosome assembly, may be required to stimulate activity
rbgAribosome assembly
thdFtRNA modification
ynbArescuing of translationally arrested ribosomes
yphCribosome assembly
yqeHribosome assembly
ysxCribosome assembly

additional information

  • several GTP-binding proteins bind ppGpp resulting in inhibition of ther GTPase activity [PubMed|26951678]
  • important publications

  • 12427945,19575570,21885683,26951678