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Category: Coping with hyper-osmotic stress
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Category: Coping with hyper-osmotic stress


4. Lifestyles

4.3. Coping with stress

4.3.6. Coping with hyper-osmotic stress

gbsRregulation of osmoprotection
ktrApotassium uptake
ktrBpotassium uptake
ktrCpotassium uptake
ktrDpotassium uptake
opcRregulation of choline uptake
opuAAcompatible solute transport
opuABcompatible solute transport
opuACcompatible solute transport
opuBAcompatible solute transport
opuBBcompatible solute transport
opuBCcompatible solute transport
opuBDcompatible solute transport
opuCAcompatible solute transport
opuCBcompatible solute transport
opuCCcompatible solute transport
opuCDcompatible solute transport
opuDcompatible solute transport
opuEcompatible solute transport
papAdegradation of proline-containing peptides
papBdegradation of proline-containing peptides
proAbiosynthesis of proline
proHosmoadaptive de novo production of proline
proJosmoadaptive de novo production of proline


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