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Category: Heat shock proteins
An ordered knock out library of all non-essential genes in B. subtilis is now available at Addgene. Information on ordering a copy can be found here. See Koo et al. 2017 for details about library construction.

Category: Heat shock proteins


4. Lifestyles

4.3. Coping with stress

4.3.4. Heat shock proteins

bcrCcell wall synthesis, resistance to bacitracin and oxidative stress
clpCprotein degradation, positive regulator of autolysin (LytC and LytD) synthesis
clpEprotein degradation
clpPprotein degradation
cssRcontrol of cellular responses to protein secretion stress
cssScontrol of cellular responses to protein secretion stress
ctsRregulation of protein degradation
disAcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
dnaJprotein quality control
dnaKprotein quality control
ftsHcell division, sporulation initiation
groELprotein folding and re-folding
groESprotein folding and re-folding
grpEcontrol of DnaK activity
hrcAregulation of chaperone gene expression
htrAprotein quality control
htrBprotein quality control
mcsAcontrol of CtsR activity
mcsBcontrol of CtsR activity
mreBHcell shape determation
radAhomologous recombination, control of c-di-AMP formation
rsgIcontrol of SigI activity
sigIcontrol of a class of heat shock genes
yqeVtRNA maturation

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