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Category: Resistance against toxic metals
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Category: Resistance against toxic metals


4. Lifestyles

4.3. Coping with stress

4.3.11. Resistance against toxic metals

arsBdetoxification of arsenate and arsenite
arsCdetoxification of arsenate
arsRregulation of As (III) efflux
aseAresistance to arsenite
aseRregulation of As (III) efflux
cadAcadmium export
chrSregulation of chromate export
copAcopper export, detoxification
copZresistance to copper
csoRcontrol of copper homeostasis
cueRregulation of the [gene|18506FB74F6BB9278F22EB7DCDA3CF72575CC32A|copZ]-[gene|727024F7B1AC19676ED4B516CF46A47B1328310B|copA] operon
czcDcation efflux, resistence against Zn, Cu, Co, Ni
czrAregulation of resistance against toxic metal cations
trkAresistance to toxic metal ions
ywrAchromate detoxification
ywrBchromate detoxification

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