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Category: Coping with stress
An ordered knock out library of all non-essential genes in B. subtilis is now available at Addgene. Information on ordering a copy can be found here. See Koo et al. 2017 for details about library construction.

Category: Coping with stress


4. Lifestyles

4.3. Coping with stress

4.3.1. General stress proteins (controlled by SigB)

4.3.2. Cell envelope stress proteins (controlled by SigM, V, W, X, Y)

4.3.3. Acid stress proteins (controlled by YvrI-YvrHa)

4.3.4. Heat shock proteins

4.3.5. Cold stress proteins

4.3.6. Coping with hyper-osmotic stress

4.3.7. Coping with hypo-osmotic stress

4.3.8. Resistance against oxidative and electrophile stress

4.3.9. Resistance against oxidative and electrophile stress/ based on similarity

4.3.10. Resistance against other toxic compounds (nitric oxide, phenolic acids, flavonoids, oxalate)

4.3.11. Resistance against toxic metals

4.3.12. Resistance against toxic metals/ based on similarity

4.3.13. Resistance against toxins/ antibiotics

4.3.14. Resistance against toxins/ antibiotics/ based on similarity

4.3.15. Biosynthesis of antibacterial compounds

4.3.16. Biosynthesis of antibacterial compounds/ based on similarity

4.3.17. Toxins, antitoxins and immunity against toxins

4.3.18. Toxins, antitoxins and immunity against toxins/ based on similarity