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Category: Class III
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Category: Class III


4. Lifestyles

4.2. Sporulation

4.2.1. Sporulation proteins Spore coat proteins Class III

cotZspore crust assembly
cwlJspore germination
tglintroduction of crosslinks in the spore coat proteins [protein|1CA990DA55B6F879968C431A703E0478F5564A1A|GerQ] and [protein|CEBEC9CECCF445C40D793E61A2CD23175631A473|SafA]
yisYprotection of the spore
ysxEprotection of the spore
yutHprotection of the spore


  • these proteins localize simultaneously with the class I and class II proteins but start to encase the spore only after the appearance of phase dark spores (hr 4.5)
  • early localizing spore coat proteins