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Category: Signal transduction in motility and chemotaxis
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Category: Signal transduction in motility and chemotaxis


4. Lifestyles

4.1. Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles

4.1.1. Motility and chemotaxis Signal transduction in motility and chemotaxis Soluble signalling proteins

cheAchemotactic signal modulator
cheBmotility and chemotaxis
cheCmotility and chemotaxis
cheD[SW|motility and chemotaxis]
cheRmotility, chemotaxis
cheYmodulation of flagellar switch bias Coupling proteins

cheVcontrol of CheA activity
cheWcontrol of [protein|6B3B222E56BF0C95A2371CA5208B5522B44D4689|CheA] activity Soluble chemoreceptors

hemATmovement towards oxygen
yfmScontrol of chemotaxis Membrane-bound chemoreceptors

mcpAcontrol of chemotaxis, sensing of acidic enviromnents
mcpBcontrol of chemotaxis, sensing of different compounds
mcpCcontrol of chemotaxis to proline, threonine, glycine, serine, lysine, valine and arginine
tlpAcontrol of chemotaxis, sensing of acidic environments
tlpBcontrol of chemotaxis, sensing of alkaline environments
tlpCcontrol of chemotaxis
yoaHcontrol of chemotaxis
yvaQcontrol of chemotaxis Additional chemotaxis signal transduction and regulatory proteins

csrAcontrol of [gene|search|hag ]translation
eprprotein degradation
epsEbiofilm formation
flgMcontrol of [protein|search|SigD ]activity
fliYmovement and chemotaxis
lonAprotein quality control, control of swarming motility
luxSmethionine salvage
motIcontrol of [protein|search|MotA ]activity
pdeHdegradation of c-di-GMP
rhotranscriptional termination
sigDregulation of flagella, motility, chemotaxis and autolysis
smiAcontrol of swarming motility
swrAcontrol of [protein|D343D2096664A972026D911E7A17A35C7B1CD1C9|DegU] activity
swrAA/2essential for swarming differentiation on solid surfaces
swrBcontrol of [protein|7024E4162A6D827069F882FDEACA696EBC05DD40|SigD] activity

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