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Category: Motility and chemotaxis
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Category: Motility and chemotaxis


4. Lifestyles

4.1. Exponential and early post-exponential lifestyles

4.1.1. Motility and chemotaxis Signal transduction in motility and chemotaxis Flagellar proteins

flgBmovement and chemotaxis
flgCmovement and chemotaxis
flgDflagellar hook assembly
flgEmovement and chemotaxis
flgKmotility and chemotaxis
flgLmotility and chemotaxis
flhAexport of flagellum components
flhBexport of flagellum components
flhFplacement and assembly of polar flagella
flhOmotility and chemotaxis
flhPmotility and chemotaxis
fliDmotility and chemotaxis
fliEmovement and chemotaxis
fliFmovement and chemotaxis
fliGmovement and chemotaxis
fliHmovement and chemotaxis
fliIexport of flagellar proteins
fliJmovement and chemotaxis
fliKmovement and chemotaxis
fliLmovement and chemotaxis
fliMmovement and chemotaxis
fliPexport of flagellum components
fliQexport of flagellum components
fliRexport of flagellum components
fliS[category|SW 4.1.1|Motility and chemotaxis]
fliTmovement and chemotaxis
fliWcontrol of CsrA activity
fliYmovement and chemotaxis
fliZexport of flagellum components
hag[SW|motility and chemotaxis]
motA[category|SW 4.1.1|Motility and chemotaxis]
motB[category|SW 4.1.1|Motility and chemotaxis]
motP[SW|motility and chemotaxis]
motS[SW|motility and chemotaxis]
yhbEassembly of the flagellar hook and filament
yhbFassembly of the flagellar hook and filament
yvyGflagellar filament assembly Flagellar proteins/ based on similarity

yvzBunknown Motility and chemotaxis/ other

flhGactivation of FlhF
lytCmajor autolysin, cell separation, wall turnover
ycdAswarming motility

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