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Category: Targets of (p)ppGpp
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Category: Targets of (p)ppGpp


3. Information processing

3.5. Targets of second messengers

3.5.3. Targets of (p)ppGpp

dnaG[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
eraribosome assembly
gdpPcontrol of sporulation initiation, cell wall homeostasis
gmkGTP biosynthesis
guaBbiosynthesis of GMP
hprTpurine salvage and interconversion, control of [gene|4E7B9426CED372AA8A321A147116A3A589FBF20C|ftsH] expression
nahAinitiation of RNA degradation
pgpHcontrol of c-di-AMP homeostasis
rbgA[category|SW|Ribosome assembly]
xptpurine salvage and interconversion
ynbArescuing of translationally arrested ribosomes