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Category: Other regulators
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The 21st International Conference on Bacilli has been postponed to 2022 and will take place in Prague.

Category: Other regulators


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.9. Other regulators

S1290control of osmolyte uptake
bmrBcontrol of [gene|67C0C9EA17EF953554D3D57CD0D285246F50C1AD|bmrC]-[gene|9B2766D2F8892AA17DB480216570C81C33355C3B|bmrD] expression
dnmAgenome-wide N6-methyladenosine modifications at non-palindromic recognition sites to control promoter activities
tlrBLcontrol of [gene|65253C69BAE9679FE4475BFF76BBABBB0FA70C30|tlrB] expression