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Category: Transcription factors/ other
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Category: Transcription factors/ other


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.2. Transcription factors and their control Transcription factors/ other

acoRregulation of acetoin utilization
adaAadaptive response to alkylative DNA damage
adeRcontrol of ald expression
adhRregulation of the protective response to formaldehyde and methylglyoxal
ahrCtranscriptional regulator of arginine metabolic genes
alsRregulation of acetoin synthesis ([gene|AAA45830B9C5428CADFA5551D33B513E9B1B7C8E|alsS]-[gene|355E70F55A28C6C2C24E8E326EFB673AC303FBEE|alsD])
ansRnegative regulation of the [gene|FED8E46AA1C4EFD27796D5DFBBB1663EBF336BFD|ansA]-[gene|search|ansB ]operon
araRregulation of arabinose utilization
arfMregulation of anaerobic genes
arsRregulation of As (III) efflux
ascRregulation of sulphur metabolism
aseRregulation of As (III) efflux
azlBregulation of branched-chain amino acid transport
birAregulation of biotin synthesis, addition of biotin to proteins
bkdRregulation of branched-chain amino acid utilization,
bltRregulation of spermidine efflux and degradation
bmrRregulation of multidrug resistance
bsdAregulation of resistance to salicylic acid
btrregulation of iron acquisition
catRresistance against oxidative and electrophile stress
ccpAcarbon catabolite repression (CCR)
ccpCregulation of tricarboxylic acid branch of the TCA cycle
ccpNrepressor of genes involved in gluconeogenesis ([gene|C1B89BD3DD27CD566018558D3A7845FB451056F0|gapB], [gene|74D4616D1A550D87182FAAC2A4AF6E04F81E1572|pckA]) and of [gene|FC93BA60BD185DE5EF31D5605F0B8294EC2E8E5A|sr1]
cggRtranscriptional regulator
chrSregulation of chromate export
citRregulation of the minor citrate synthase
codYregulation of a large regulon in response to branched-chain amino acid limitation
comKregulation of [SW|genetic competence] and DNA uptake
csoRcontrol of copper homeostasis
ctsRregulation of protein degradation
cueRregulation of the [gene|18506FB74F6BB9278F22EB7DCDA3CF72575CC32A|copZ]-[gene|727024F7B1AC19676ED4B516CF46A47B1328310B|copA] operon
cymRregulation of sulfur metabolism
cysLregulation of cysteine biosynthesis
czrAregulation of resistance against toxic metal cations
deoRregulation of deoxyribonucleotide utilization
dtrRresistance to D-Tyr
exuRregulation of hexuronate utilization
fadRregulation of fatty acid degradation
fapRregulation of fatty acid biosynthesis
fnrregulation of anaerobiosis, fermentation and overflow metabolism
frlRregulation of utilization of sugar amines
fruRregulation of fructose utilization
furregulation of iron homoeostasis
gabRregulation of gamma-amino butyric acid utilization
gamRregulation of glucosamine utilization
ganRregulation of galactan utilization
gbsRregulation of osmoprotection
gerEregulation of [protein|search|SigK]-dependent gene expression
gerRspore coat formation and resistance of spores to lysozyme
glnRregulation of glutamine synthesis
glpPregulation of glycerol and glycerol-3-phosphate utilization
gltCpositive regulation of the glutamate synthase operon ([gene|44DF1B7E476AD58B3CCC39300FFE0132D0D32AD0|gltA]-[gene|AA07CC52B2DD48ACC9D3375E9D531CB1ACBE485A|gltB])
glvRregulation of maltose utilization
gmuRregulation of glucomannan utilization
gntRregulation of gluconate utilization
gutRregulation of glucitol utilization
hprTpurine salvage and interconversion, control of ftsH expression
hrcAregulation of chaperone gene expression
hutPregulation of histidine utilization
hxlRregulation of the ribulose monophosphate pathway
hypRcontrol of the nitroreductase gene [gene|9DF5999568760E016ECA988385A1FA61A257D486|hypO] in response to disulfide stress (diamide, NaOCl)
immRcontrol of transfer of the mobile genetic element ICEBs1
iolQcontrol of scyllo-inositol utilization
iolRregulation of myo-inositol catabolism
kdgRregulation of galacturonic acid utilization
kipRregulation of [SW|sporulation] initiation
lexAregulation of DNA damage repair
lmrAregulation of lincomycin resistance
lrpArepression of [gene|BAE8062DA8538C9C83FFBA9684BECE9613EEFD2F|glyA] transcription and [protein|2111AC1AE49D1006E10DC127BF5B7A0327DE94A7|KinB]-dependent [SW|sporulation]
lrpBrepression of [gene|BAE8062DA8538C9C83FFBA9684BECE9613EEFD2F|glyA] transcription and [protein|2111AC1AE49D1006E10DC127BF5B7A0327DE94A7|KinB]-dependent [SW|sporulation]
lutRcontrol of lactate utilization
mdtRregulation of the multidrug-resistance [gene|795D70E8A4D750140D6B1AA4BFEBD25C2A389C85|mdtR]-[gene|search|mdtP ]operon
mgsRcontrols a subset of general stress genes
mhqRregulation of resistance to quinones and diamide
mntRregulation of manganese transport
msmRregulation of melibiose utilization
mtaregulation of multidrug-efflux transporter genes
mtrBregulation of tryptophan biosynthesis(and translation) attenuation in the trp operon;repression of the folate operon
murRregulation of muramic acid utilization
nadRregulation of NAD biosynthesis
nagRregulator of the nagA-nagB-nagR operon
nrdRcontrol of ribonucleotide reductase expression
nsrRrepression of [protein|1E829D639BADDC6BDC9B5FB4C97A632A53FDDB24|ResD]-[protein|EA6790EF30D3DDB9670FE52DFD2C5083AB6A48E1|ResE]-dependent genes in the absence of nitric oxide (NO)
ntdRregulation of the [gene|2F850E2DFA6287DB3890243803E06FDE7ACDB10E|ntdA]-[gene|A4DE6C394B64813A732255734758403241FFAC2F|ntdB]-[gene|29DAF5343A42EAD8DB97925FE7D049410F7B7FCA|ntdC]-[gene|search|glcP ]operon
ohrRregulation of ohrA expression in response to organic peroxides
opcRregulation of choline uptake
padRregulation of the phenolic acid stress response
paiBregulation of sporulation, degradative enzyme and motility genes
pamRcontrol of the [gene|20D50DA11B864E6C719CC34BE27C7900893EA054|ydcF]-[gene|89AB146F447696EF1CBE219C9A2FB5CBB380F847|ydcG]-[gene|search|pamR ]operon
perRregulation of the response to peroxide
pucRregulation of purine utilization
purRregulation of purine biosynthesis
putRregulation of proline utilization
pyrRregulation of pyrimidine biosynthesis
qdoRcontrol of quercetin utilization
rbsRregulation of ribose utilization
remAcontrol of biofilm formation
rexregulation of fermentation and anaerobic respiration
rghRregulation of [SW|sporulation ]initiation
rhaRcontrol of rhamnose utilization
rhgRregulation of pectin utilization
rocRtranscriptional activator of arginine utilization operons
rokregulation of genetic competence
scoCtransition state regulator
sdpRregulation of protection against [protein|820635420B3980B620F3E3D7ACF7EDE9DC6275AD|SdpC]
senSregulation of extracellular enzyme genes
sinRcontrol of [SW|biofilm formation]
sknRcontrol of prophage gene expression
slrRregulation of initiation of [SW|biofilm formation] and of autolysis
splAregulation of the splA-splB operon
spoIIIDregulation of mother cell gene expression
spoVTregulation of forespore gene expression
spxnegative and positive regulator of many genes
thrRcontrol of threonine biosynthesis
tilStRNA modification, control of ftsH expression
tnrAregulation of nitrogen assimilation
treRregulation of trehalose utilization
xreregulation of PBSX prophage gene expression
xylRregulation of xylan and xylose utilization
ycbGregulation of glucarate/galactarate utilization
ycnKregulation of copper uptake
yetLregulation of [gene|A70EA4AEBF46ED2279E8BCE8A28439078484B6E3|yetM] expression
yfmPregulation of the [gene|36AF02B4EB416ABCA3F0E4C5A4126E777A20C7D1|yfmP]-[gene|D91356CF66ADE0CFA9E95A686DC7355B348C8B5C|yfmO] operon
ykrKregulation of membrane protein quality control
yodBregulation of quinone and diamide detoxification
yofAcontrol of ftsW expression
yplPrequired for survival at low temperatures
ytrAcontrol of cell envelope stress responses
ywcCcontrol of SlrA expression
zurregulation of zinc homeostasis([gene|75DB07A2704FEC2932BD0CDD24E2B3454E9551E1|yciC], [gene|D33A144568CAF32FFE4A2A46BE67573DB66FC1A1|znuA]-[gene|6B5D4FD32CCE72C99B915B0F1EB4B8E8D42A04B3|znuC]-[gene|EE212953BC83BD6D69BF769D6E917F4F954BE1E2|znuB])